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Paddy Power Poker: you know you'll be in good hands with Paddy Power Poker and with great sign up bonuses and instant access to sports betting and casino's what more could you ask for.

Poker Heaven

Poker Skool where the world learns to play Texas Holdem, this classic poker games is being played by just about everybody who aspires to becoming a poker pro.

Online Poker is growing beyond belief so why not try your hand at some of our recommended online poker sites.

Several new sites have popped up in recent months and these are all offering some great deals with great play take Betfair although starting life as a spread betting firm they have now moved into online casino's and poker. Click here to visit Betfair Poker Now!. another site that grabbed our attention is Poker Heaven Click here to visit Poker Heaven. Finally Poker PKR an unusual poker site using avatar's like everybody else but they allow you to build it to a level that's as unique as you are, they also play in realistically detailed evironments they also have great poker play and tournaments. Click here to visit Pkr now!

Now we're not claiming we'll have you winning the poker million next week but trust us we'll save you losing your shirt and hopefully we'll put a few dollars/Euros or pounds (whichever you prefer.) in your pocket.

We will show you some of the top poker sites not just those that entice you with big bucks and then give you crap games but the classy sites that will not only give you a quid or two but will provide you with a poker playing experience second to none, so sit tight and enjoy the ride who knows next stop maybe Vegas.

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In order to be a good Poker player you must be able to outwit your opponents. The ability to assess other players strategies and make your decisions based upon your conclusions.

You must be able to hide behind a mask your own strategy (this is where the term poker face comes into it being).

You must constantly be appraising your opponents looking for signs of weakness or signs that they are bluffing. You must be constantly on guard against giving away your own weaknesses or strengths. It's important to remember that a good player will always try to keep you betting for longer to increase his winnings.

You must do the same, when you have a good hand you don't want to let everyone know otherwise they will just fold and you will win very little. So you must constantly be alert to what your opponents are upto.

One of the great strategies of poker is to raise bets to try to force your opponents to fold fearing you have an unbeatable hand. So when a player raises the stakes is it an attempt to scare you off does he really have a good hand?

The decision is yours, how good are you. At poker skool we attempt to take you to the point where you can base these decisions on more than mere hunches.

Beginners Guide!

If that's your Poker Face! Then it's lucky you can play on line. Joking apart that's the beauty of online poker. If you needed a great poker face the online poker scene would be dead, lets face it, no one can see you grinning from ear to ear when your sitting there with a Royal Flush and taking your time to decide wether you should fold, check or raise.

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  • Coral they are a great company (read our Review )and we have no problems recommending them.
  • Paddy Power Poker top games great tournaments good sign up bonuses and you can go straight from poker to sports betting, casino and instant games what more could you ask for.
  • Ladbrokes are the latest company to offer a no download version of their great poker game. ladbrokesInstant Play Poker
  • Looking for Scratch Cards why not check out scratchcarduk